Sure Spin Pre-Rigged -- BARBED HOOKS

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Package includes one Sure Spin Bait Fish Helmet pre-tied, ready to fish.  This pre-tied rig consists of one Sure Spin, a double solid tie hook rig tied with Maruto hooks on premium monofilament, 3 bamboo toothpicks included.  A bobber stop is in place for the perfect set-up.  Below are our stocked colors and sizes.  For special requests regarding sizes, colors, or rigging, contact Steve.  

Detailed information including rigging instructions is found by clicking on this link to the main Sure Spin Page 



Small: 4 to 5 inch fish similar to a herring body (Red Label) type solid tie with a top 3/0 and bottom 2/0 Maruto sickle hook on 25# leader

Medium: Commonly fits a 5 or 6 inch bait, again herring shape (Green Label) solid tie with a 4/0 on top over a 3/0 Maruto sickle hook on 30# leader

Large: fits a herring shaped bait 6 to 7 inches long (Big Green/Small Blue label) solid tie leader with a 5/0 over a 4/0 Maruto Sickle on 30#.

XL: fits bait fish 7 to 7.5" long (most blue label) rigged with 5/0 over a 4/0 Maruto sickle hook on 30# line