Sure Spin Pre-Rigged -- BARBED HOOKS

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Package includes one Sure Spin Bait Fish Helmet pre-tied, ready to fish.  This pre-tied rig consists of one Sure Spin, a double solid tie hook rig (Maruto Hooks) on premium monofilament with 3 bamboo toothpicks.  A bobber stop is in place for the perfect set-up.  Please click link to rigging instructions.  Below are our stocked colors and sizes.  For special requests regarding sizes, colors, or rigging, contact Steve.   


Small: 4 to 5 inch fish similar to a herring body (Red Label) type solid tie with a top 3/0 and bottom 2/0 sickle hook on 25# leader

Medium: Commonly fits a 5 or 6 inch bait, again herring shape (Green Label) solid tie with a 4/0 on top over a 3/0 sickle hook on 30# leader

Large: fits a herring shaped bait 6 to 7 inches long (Big Green/Small Blue label) solid tie leader with a 5/0 over a 4/0 Sickle on 30#.