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Three important words describe us here at Angler Innovations: "Experienced, Creative, and Passionate."

Our goal is to make you the most successful angler possible.  Success is defined as taking the type and size of fish you are after, as well as increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Identify and make available to you the most effective fishing gear
  • Provide you with current information about where and how to catch fish
  • Interesting stories about angling trips that will stir your imagination and make you smile -- and perhaps twitch a bit too
  • A forum for exchange of useful information on our website blog; on the blog you can meet like-minded fishermen from everywhere

All of us at Angler Innovations have been passionately seeking fish of all types, in all kinds of waters, for over 50 years.  We have many great photos to share with you that show our success at both fishing and having fun. One important factor behind our success is that we collaborate to determine when, where, and on what gear, the fish will bite.  If we are not successful using one technique, we try another.  No worm soakers here, waiting for a fish to come and taste what we have offered.  We are definitely predatory; seeking out the fish, and using different offerings until we find what they like.

Now it is your turn to share in the fun and success we have enjoyed together for many years.  Bookmark our website on your Favorites list; participate in our blog; and, tell your friends!

"Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery element were made for wise men to contemplate, and fools to pass by without consideration."

-- Izaak Walton (1593-1683), The Compleat Angler


We provide innovative fishing products that have been tested and proven to be valuable additions to the tackle box including field experiences and information helpful to all anglers.

Retailers and distributors, please e-mail us directly with inquiries.

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