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The Columbia River is a BARBED fishery this year!  Maruto's design and quality barbed sickles and trebles are in stock for the season.  Click on this photo to see our deep penetrating barbed sickle style hooks.  See our treble line up here.

LET'S GO FISHING!   FREE Shipping on orders greater than $30 containing MARUTO products through August 31, 2019.


NEW!  PINK UV BARBED SICKLE in size 2 and 4.  Ideal for kokanee and steelhead as well as many other species and applications.

Check out our new OFFSHORE hook page. Whether you are chasing salmon, halibut, tuna, or maybe some other type big blue water game fish, see our quality products that will help fill the boat!


New Sure Spin Application:  Sure Spin Prawn Rig: click through our slide presentation.




Barbless sickle style Grabber Hooks: QUALIFIED BARBLESS IN SIX STATES!
Barbless Grabber Hooks
Barbed Hooks

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Written by Steve Lumsden — December 29, 2012

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