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Our goal at Angler Innovations® is to provide anglers with an edge by offering quality and effective fishing products.

We also are the proud western distributor of premium hooks made by Maruto of Japan.  The Maruto ridged BARBLESS hook has been approved by 6 Western States as meeting their respective barbless standards, including the US Forest Service, California Division.  Grabber Hooks are available in single sickle, treble, and siwash.  Click here to read or download these approval letters.

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Fleece Knit Beanie available with Maruto and Sure Spin logos.  Available in pink and brown tone camo patterns as well as black. 

 Maruto Barbless Siwash hooks are now available in 1/0, 3/0, and 5/0 sizes.  Angler Innovations, along with Maruto, designed these effective hooks.  Made with the patented Maruto barbless design, plugs, jigs, hoochies/skirts, spinners, and spoons, all do very well with our barbless open-eye siwash hooks.

Sure Spin BAIT CUTTER PRO is our most recent product, and is fast becoming a favorite.  2016 is its debut year, and so far, anglers using plug cut baits are excited about this one!


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Written by Steve Lumsden — December 29, 2012

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We provide innovative fishing products that have been tested and proven to be valuable additions to the tackle box including field experiences and information helpful to all anglers.

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