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Bait Rigs

Angler Innovations carries two types of bait rigs often called bait caps. Our own Dick's Sure Spin Bait Fish Helmet is fast becoming a favorite of salmon anglers, including some striper anglers. Other types of bait fish work as well including anchovies and sardines--just about any bait fish can be used in fresh water or in the salt. Our second offering in this category is the Limit Out Bait Rig.

Developed by Jim Milanoski, The Limit Out Rig is another truly excellent way to present a herring and other bait fish. This popular rig uses whole baits and is best used with green label size herring or 5-6 inch bait fish.    


We provide innovative fishing products that have been tested and proven to be valuable additions to the tackle box including field experiences and information helpful to all anglers.

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