Angler Innovations

Sure Spin Pre-Rigged

Angler Innovations

One Sure Spin and a pre-tied Sure Spin 2 hook rig with a bobber stop on premium monofilament leader--ready to go for those who prefer pre-tied rigs, or when time is short. Tied with Maruto premium barbless Grabber Hooks or Maruto premium barbed hooks upon request.

  • *Small often used for Red Label herring or 4 to 5 inch bait fish tied with 2/0 Maruto Grabber Hooks and 25# line
  • *Medium often used for Green Label herring or 5 to 6 inch bait fish tied with 3/0-2/0 Maruto Grabber Hooks and 30# line
  • *Large often used for Green/Blue Label herring or 6 to 7 inch bait fish tied with 4/0-3/0 Maruto Grabber Hooks and 30# line

*bait categories/sizes vary due to availability, supplier, and year.


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