Pre-Tied Sure Spin Bait Fish Helmet Leaders

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Pre-tied leaders customized for the many applications of Sure Spin Bait Fish Helmets.  Leaders are tied with high quality monofilament in 65" lengths are standard solid tie two hook rigs. Available in barbed or barbless in both red and black nickel.  All rigs are made with Maruto hooks and tied with premium monofilament. Pre-ties come with bobber stops installed.


Small Sure Spin Helmet: 2/0-3/0 tie

Medium Sure Spin Helmet: 3/0-4/0 tie

Large Sure Spin Helmet: 3/0-4/0 tie

XL Sure Spin Helmet: 4/0-5/0 tie

2XL and 3XL Sure Spin Helmets: 5/0-6/0 tie