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Tim Juarez's Drift Boat Oar Rests

Tim Juarez


Drift boats and row boats of all types are prized by anglers of all varieties.  Keeping the oars out of the way while fishing and landing fish can be an aggravation as well as a hindrance in landing your prize.  

Tim Juarez's very easy to install Oar Rest is the answer we have all been waiting for. How many times through a day's fishing do you need to get your oars out of the way. Here is the solution. These hassle-free Oar Rests provide a quick and easy way to tuck your oars away and still be able to return them to the water in an instant.

The Oar Rest is made of stainless steel, and is packaged with stainless steel screws. It has a durable vinyl coating that is flexible and weather resistant.
Comes in models for aluminum and fiberglass drift boats.
Guide tested and approved.  See video:

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