Barbless Grabber Sickle hook in Pink UV

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Our pink UV barbless Grabber Hook is a great option in the pursuit of many types of game fish.  Equipped with a well-designed spade-cutting point, and the patented ridged barbless design, they are exceptionally sharp!  When barbless hooks are required or preferred the Grabber Hook is widely referred to as the "better barbless."  In UV light these hooks have the pink flash of krill. This hook holds up well and is an excellent choice for steelhead, sockeye, and salmon.  Many love this hook tied in tandem for an in-line spinner fished behind a 360 flasher while trolling for salmon, trout, or kokanee.   


See our BARBED Pink UV in sizes 4 and 2 that are excellent for kokanee, trout, and steelhead, and salmon.