Barbless sickle hook: RED Maruto®

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The RED sickle Maruto® Grabber HookTM offered by Angler Innovations is an answer to barb-less fisheries.  Made by Dohitomi & Co., LTD., of Japan, these unique and premium barbless single sickle-style hooks offer impressive value in a barbless hook. This patented cutting point ridged barbless sickle design promotes deep penetration and holding power unequaled in barbless hooks-truly a better barbless.  Salmon Steelhead Journal rated these hooks as "Editors Choice"for their quality and penetration.  These hooks have been approved by Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Alaska Departments of Fish and Wildlife as meeting their respective "barbless" definitions.  Now use barbless hooks with confidence!

 Available only in size 4 through 4/0.