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LongLiner is a unique trolling tool!   

Trolling far behind a boat to target wary fish in tough conditions without cumbersome downriggers is what LongLiner does well.  Boat movement, noise, and shadows, can be very negative to wary fish.  Extreme spacing between baits and trolling weights makes for stealthy presentations and improved lure action.   

  • Troll with a long leader, land a fish with a short one!  LongLiner releases when a fish is hooked and then slides down the line to a swivel!  Landing fish is easy with a short leader.  No need to remove clip on weights. 
  • Target stratified fish--easily maintain the perfect depth
  • Using a weight dropper or a Bottom Skipper, LongLiner allows exact distancing from the bottom
  • Use while downrigging to add varied presentations to your spread.
  • Can be used as an "in-line" planer or with side planers
  • Easily adjust and maintain desired release pressure

LongLiner works well for lines and leaders from 6# test to 60# test (up to 125# test in spectra lines).  It is a valuable tool for small and large boats, and is especially useful with kayaks.  Landing fish with longer rods and leaders present unique difficulties that LongLiner resolves.

Weight attachment options include two accessories: Weight Hanger and the Bottom Skipper on this site.

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