Catfish Advantage Maruto Circle Hooks

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We have put together a collection of quality Maruto hooks specifically for catfish enthusiasts.  Whether going for the win in tournament fishing, seeking that PB, or looking to have a fish fry, our Catfish Advantage Circle hooks will deliver.

The #348 is a perfect blend of strength, sharpness, and bend, making it a highly effective hook.  This circle come in both BARBED and BARBLESS versions.  We advise tying with an egg loop knot snell.  In the video below notice that the leader comes out of the eye on the point side of the hook--very important for maximum hook-ups.   With this knot, baits can be secured with the expandable loop, see the great demo on tying this knot: The egg loop knot - YouTube.  It also gives leader protection of the sharp edges on the hook loop that can cause leader abrasion and failure. 

Check out Joe Granata on his YT channel "Hammer-Down Catfishing"