Barbless Siwash Grabber Hook

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Deep penetration, cutting point, forged for strength, and the patented ridged design means this hook holds onto bone, cartilage, and meat like no other barbless!

The barbless non-offset open-eye Siwash Grabber Hooks are a new and welcomed addition to the Grabber Hook line up.  Having a slightly longer shank for a little more "hang back" this siwash is based upon the successful Maruto ridged barbless design with a spade cutting point.  This siwash has become a favorite with sport and pro anglers alike. being a perfect choice in barbless waters or when easy releases are desired.  This siwash hook was designed by Angler Innovations and Dohitomi of Japan to bring an effective barbless siwash hook to the market.  This is a one-of-a-kind hook.

Use with hoochie skirts, fresh bait, plugs, spinners, or spoons--even flies, this hook will do its job.

Testimonial received March 17, 2020: "Thanks Steve! Love these hooks had a better land percentage on the siwash vs (the other brand) siwash."