Still Life Taxidermy, owned by Jeff Lumsden, is who you call for exceptional artistic preservation of your trophies. Jeff is a tenacious and exacting artist, and If you are looking for world-class quality we at Anglers Innovations have done the home work for you! Nestled in Everett Washington for 30 years has been Still Life Taxidermy Studio.

Jeff Lumsden is one of the Nation's top taxidermists. He has won numerous awards for his work at National and World competitions.  At the 1992 World taxidermy Championships he received “Best in World” for the Masters Division and top honors as “Best of Show” with his spawning Chum Salmon. This prestigious award had been given only to big game animals prior to Jeff's entry.  His big game work has the same exacting quality having years of experience working with most of the worlds big game animals.  In addition, Jeff continues to pioneer many innovative products and techniques being used in the taxidermy industry today that include paints, high quality fish eyes, fish bodies, and ear butts for North American deer, elk, and moose.
Jeff Lumsden
Still Life Studio
11901 Silver Way Everett, WA 98208