There are few freshwater environments in the world where one can experience drag burning runs and leaps of fish weighing well into hundreds of pounds!  All along the West Coast the White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) is a top sport fish and table fare.  A true "dinosaur" this species has been around for a very long time as a species, and it does have a long life-span.  In most locales, this fish is protected by seasons, slot limits, and gear restrictions.  It is heavily predated by pinnipeds that have begun to hunt this fish up to Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River, taking a serious toll on the sturgeon population in the Columbia.  Our sickle style barbless Grabber Hooks have become very popular for this fish.  Most commonly in sizes 5/0 to 9/0, but we do sell quite a few 11/0 and 13/0.  The barbless circle hooks in sizes 4/0 and 5/0 are a highly effective  "lip trap" hooks, and are preferred by many.  

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