Maruto Premium Hooks

Premium hooks by by Maruto Dohitomi & Co., LTD. of Japan have been made since1892.

Angler Innovations, Inc. proudly distributes Maruto and other brands manufactured by Dohitomi & Co., Ltd., of Japan.  

Maruto and ODZ hooks come in all basic types: sickle style, treble, circle, including specialty hooks for fly fishing, offshore/pelagics, and surf.  Many types of finishes, and materials are used to make these fine hooks. 

Special order hooks as well are available, contact Steve at 503-341-0287

Read and download Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California, and the National Park Services acceptance letters pertaining to our Maruto Barbless Hooks that we sell as "Grabber Hooks" by clicking on this Resources link.

To read about Maruto history, go to:


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