Angler Innovations

Maruto Barbed Treble

Angler Innovations

This exceptionally sharp high carbon fine wire treble has changed fishing for a growing number of anglers.  As a spinner hook it delivers up "slack bites" and light takes into fish on!  A growing number of NW guides and tournament anglers are boating more fish now that they've made a switch to these hooks on their spinners and plugs.  

Just recently a NW Tournament bass angler told me with excitement that his confidence went up significantly after switching out his plugs with Maruto trebles.  He writes, "I had a great hook up ratio again and was able to out fish my buddy 4 to 1.  If I got bit they stuck!"  A Salmon/Steehead guide says, "Definitely more fish are boated when I am using these hooks!"

My good friend Dick Jacobs uses Maruto barbed trebles on the Oregon coastal bays with his spinners.  Here is a "hog" taken with one.  A beauty of a King Salmon!

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