Whether you are after the Pacific Halibut, Atlantic Halibut, or the California Halibut, Maruto Hooks by Dohitomi & Co., has a hook to meet the need.  Since we have been offering hooks to halibut anglers, we have been receiving many compliments.

The Pacific and Atlantic Halibut can grow to enormous sizes and our hooks can handle them.  Our big Sickle styles in either barbed or barbless, as well as the Circle hooks are popular. 

California Halibut are an amazing and tasty fish that ranges along the West Coast of North America, most prevalent along the California and Southern Oregon Coasts and are targeted in a number of ways.  Our sickle hooks (8832TUE) are very strong and have made all the difference in the pursuit of this fish.  Those trolling for them have come to appreciate the strength and exceeding sharpness of our #7771 Treble in size 1 or 2.  

Pacific Halibut as shown below are a wide ranging fish which tend present to great depths but tend to be availble in shallower seas seasonally and  in northerly ranges

Check out the 8832TUE, the 8832 Grabber Barbless, or the #348 Circle Hook in 8/0.

Rigging the #348 with a glow squid.