Angler Innovations

No. 348 Maruto Circle Hook: Barb-less Grabber Hook

Angler Innovations

The Maruto 348 Circle hook barbless version is made in the ridged barbless design that we sell under the Grabber Hook name.  An offset circle hook, this black nickel finished hook is perfect for California style salmon mooching as well as when using live and chunk baits offshore or in rivers and lakes.  This circle hook is truly unique among circles now available, very sharp, very effective.  As will all circle design hooks, rod hook sets are not used as this is a self setting hook.  These hooks work extremely well dropping in on reef and rock fish, either with bait strips or plastics.   Live bait is a slam dunk!  Easy to unhook and rarely ever hooks up in the gullet.  When the rod tip goes down and the drag begins to peel--you're into fish!  We are not convinced that this hook in barbless is any less effective than the barbed version.  


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