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Our goal at Angler Innovations® is to provide anglers with the edge for the passionate and to a better shopping experience on this site.  If you prefer, phone orders can be taken at 503-341-0287.

Grabber Hooks update: shipments are starting to come in from the factory and 2/0 Red and Black Nickel Grabber Hooks are now available along with Red sickle hooks (barbed) in size 4.  More will arrive today and shipments will continue and expect a near full inventory in December. Assembling this N. American Maruto Hook business has been, and continues to be, a worthy challenge.  We love these hooks.  Thanks to all of our great customers and their patience.

Sure Spins: We continue to understand just how much salmon love to eat Sure Spins!  One of the guides that uses them exclusively says, "they're just crushing them."  

Formal acceptance has continued throughout the Northwest.  The States of California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Alaska have signed off on our Maruto Barb-less ("Semi-Barb-less") Grabber Hooks for use in their respective barb-less fisheries.  

New Products:  

We now offer a pre-rigged version of Dick's Sure Spin Herring Helmet.   Hand tied with premium monofilament leader material and Maruto barb-less (Grabber Hooks) and barbed--both in singles or in trebles.  The pre-r igs are ready to go.

Dick's Sure Spin® Herring Helmet , now available in 8 sizes and 6 colors, continues to put more fish in the net.   Beach and jetty   casters  are taking increased amounts of salmon by casting herring like spinners - even  down rigger trollers  can use plug cut herring with confidence because of increased bait durability!  

See our Sure Spin video  

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Written by Steve Lumsden — December 29, 2012


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