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Catfish are a quality game fish sought by sport anglers throughout the USA  for table fare as well as chasing monsters in the many Catfish Tournaments held all around the country every year.  Whether targeting Bullheads, Channel, Blue, or Flathead Cats, we offer a Maruto Hook ideally suited for whichever species you are targeting.

We offer the very popular Maruto #348 Circles in both barbed and barbless circle versions.  Also very popular is the Maruto Barbed Sickle style hook as well as the barbless sickle versions.  Our smaller barbless 348's are highly effective lip catchers, easily removed, and hold very well.  We have taken some monster Sturgeon in the Columbia River with these--small but very strong.


We provide innovative fishing products that have been tested and proven to be valuable additions to the tackle box including field experiences and information helpful to all anglers.

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