Angler Innovations Pro-Staff

We work with many exceptional guides and sport anglers.  Our Pro-Staff work closely with us in field testing and using our products on the water.  


Justin Leonard of Outcast Guide Service of Yuba City.  Justin specializes in trout, kokanee, striped bass, bass, and salmon.


North Coast: Tim Juarez of T&S Guide Service focuses squarely on salmon and steelhead primarily out of the Tillamook and Columbia River areas. 


Eastern:  Austin Moser of Austin's Northwest Adventures specializing in trout, salmon, kokanee, and walleye. 

Western: Tito Montemor, bass specialist and tournament angler

Western: Sebastian "Seabass" Chik, avid angler of all species NW

Southern and Columbia Basin: Brent Soule, Soule's Guide Service specializing in trout, kokanee, salmon, steelhead, and walleye


Team Triple J: Joe Granata, James Samarco, and Joe Gordon, Catfish tournament team


Tri-Fin Charters: Mark Dietrick, multi-species guide service from the Great Lakes to Virginia, targeting catfish, salmon, steelhead, walleye, and panfish.


Keaton Roadman:  Bass tournament circuit for McKendree University