Angler Innovations

Maruto Offshore: Sport and Commercial Hooks

Angler Innovations

Many have told me that Maruto produces the finest offshore hooks in the world.  Presently Offshore hooks are available only by special order and subject to minimum order quantities, pricing upon request.  We have attached photos of our most requested offshore hooks.  


  • SS-1962 is a forged stainless Tuna Hook used for baits and plug/lure applications
  • SS-880 Double trolling hook is of exceptional strength and quality 
  • 290 BKN Circle hook, available in standard and 3X strength, a favored hook for many sport and commercial applications
  • No. 348 Barbless Offset Circle hook, forged black nickel, made with Maruto's patented ridged barbless design found on our Grabber Hooks


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