Angler Innovations


Angler Innovations

The LongLiner is suitable for lines and leaders from 6# test to 60# test (up to 125# test in spectra lines).  A valuable tool for Kayakers as well as trollers in larger watercraft.  LongLiner gives you long leader presentations away from the boat and the control benefits of  landing fish with a short leader!

Some call this "the tackle box downrigger."  

Weight attachment options include two products: Weight Hanger and the Bottom Skipper on this site.

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Rigging Instructions: video format:  and,

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Kayak Angler Magazine:

More information on the LongLiner® (pdf's for download):

Big Water Salmon and Trout


Fishing Large Rivers

Rigging Instructions

Trolling and River Apps

Field Report 1

Field Report 2

Trolling for Large Trout

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