Anglers who seek catfish for food and sport are all over the world.  Here in the US, the most sought after species is likely the Channel Cat.   Other species that provide excellent sport are Blue, Flathead, and the black and brown bullhead.  Some of these fish are huge and amazing catches are seen in Catfish tournaments.  

Our Pro Staff Team "Triple J" (James Samarco, Joe Granata, and Joe Gordon) are having a great time chasing big cats in tournaments all over the upper midwest, near east, and the atlantic states.  We offer a couple of hooks that are amazing for cats.  Our #348 Circkle hook has become a "go to" in either the 8/0 or the barbless 5/0 size.  Strong, sharp, and amazingly effective, the #348 will do it.   The 8832TUE Maruto Sickle Hook is also a player.  This powerful hook comes in sizes up to 11/0.



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